Follicle "Activator" Serum

The "Beard" Roller

The "Beard" Roller works by using 540 titanium micro needles to create small channels in the skin causing increased blood flow to the surface level of the dermis. Allowing the dormant follicles beneath the skin to be activated.

The "Cleaner" Solution

Just 2-3 quick sprays on The "Beard" Roller, Wait 15 seconds then rinse with warm water and your beard roller is clean and ready for action. Simple Enough?? We thought so ;)

The (No Frills) "Beard" Comb

At Oberhausen all of our Premium Beard Growth Kits include a "no frills" Beard Comb. WHY? (We knew you'd ask) Quite frankly, how else were you gonna keep all that new growth in check?

"Im liking the results I'm seeing here. Oberhausen has made me a believer."

Eric C.

"I never thought I could grow a respectable beard. It's not a lion's mane or nothing yet but I'm getting there lol"

John T.

"My beard is finally fuller in the cheek area. This stuff is scary good mate"

Nathan P.

Our Beard "Better Beard" Guarantee

If you use our "Beard Growth Kit" as directed for 90 days and you don't get results send it back for a full refund. *To be eligible for the "Better Beard" Guarantee you must take 3 pictures of your Beard progress at 30 day intervals. (But because we're pretty damn sure you'll get results send those pictures to us any way to be featured on our Instagram Page "@OberhausenGrooming" ;) Start your #BeardJourney Today, Godspeed